I recently spoke with a past client who’s thinking of selling his home this year. I had called to talk with him about the market and what’s important to him and his family. He said, “I know what’s important to you Brian, it’s all about the money and getting the sale!” 

It IS all about the money!  He has a family in need of more space.His kids have grown over the last 10 years and have lots of friends they hang out with and the family is ready to move on to a larger home they can create a whole bunch of new memories in. The more money they make on the sale of their current home, the easier that transition will be.They’ll be able to make a larger down payment, reduce their monthly expenses, or even afford more of a house than they thought.It IS all about the money!

So, what’s driving our local home values up?  Is it our wonderful mild winters?  No!  Is it the generously low taxes we Mainers pay?  No!  You’ll find the real answer by taking a look around our neighborhoods. Walk around Mill Creek. Grab a cup of coffee at a local shop. Bike the Green Belt from Wainwright to Bug Light.  Indulge in some goodies from The Cookie Jar or Scratch Bakery and enjoy them on Willard Beach. Run to Fort Williams and back.  Walk to one of our awesome restaurants and then take in a show at the theater. Check out the Memorial Day Parade, the Fourth of July Fire Works and Art in the Park. Bundle up and take a ride on the horse drawn carriages, sing Christmas carols and visit with Santa at the annual Tree Lighting event! Come by our office and give the Easter Bunny a hug! There are so many things that make our community special and they are a big part of what makes this a desirable place to live thus increasing demand and property values. But what are the other factors impacting our values?

Home values are changing quickly.Demand is VERY strong and some of the stats are bit unbelievable.  Take a look at these examples:51 Willow Street sold for $43,500 above asking price.  73 Summit Street sold for $55,000 above asking price. 10 Jessica Lane sold for $25,100 above asking price. 90 Chase Street sold for $55,000 above asking price, 307 Pine Street sold for $52,900 above asking price, 93 Davis Street sold for $32,108 above asking price, 58 Providence sold for $51,000 above asking price and 234 Harriet Street sold for $39,500 above asking price. There are many similar examples.What is driving these sale prices? If you have any insight email, text or call me. I think I know the answer. 21 years in this business has taught me to pay attention to who the buyers in our market are, their demographics and where they are coming from. 

What does all this mean? If you are thinking about selling your home, choose an area expert! The neighborhoods of South Portland are unique!A part time or new agent that doesn’t sell a lot of homes in this area will not recognize all of the factors that are supporting our higher values. You want to get the most possible out of your home sale. Don’t let an inexperienced agent under price your home and risk leaving money on the table. It IS all about the money!

I didn’t become a real estate agent because I loved looking at houses or I thought I could make lots of money. I became a real estate agent because I’m given the opportunity to help individuals and families with a major life decision. I love being a part of that process and take my role VERY seriously. How you prepare your home for sale, and market it directly impacts YOUR timeline and profit. I’d love the opportunity to fight for YOUR money. It IS all about the money!”