Homeowners often launch a round of home improvements in anticipation of putting their houses on the market. If you are getting ready to tackle a few home upgrades, you’ll want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck as you add to the overall appearance of your home. Updated lighting fixtures, fresh paint and new flooring are among the most common face-lifts.

    But before you decide to purchase equipment or materials, be sure you know what you may already have. You may have hardwood floors underneath a worn and outdated carpet. Refurbishing the original hardwood floors could add real value to your home.

    Those heavy draperies may have been custom-made, but there’s no reason to keep them if they don’t appeal to the tastes of  current home buyers. Consider taking down heavy or dated draperies to let in more light. Simple sheers tend to give prospective buyers the impression of window treatments without taking away from the home’s intrinsic beauty.

    When you prepare your home for sale, try to disregard your own tastes and style and look at the home as objectively as possible. Doing so may reveal valuable opportunities you never anticipated.

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