Mary and John listed their home on Mussey Street with us a  few months ago and their home sale was NOT a smooth process! Two separate sets of buyers backed out of contracts to purchase the house for different reasons. Sometimes that’s just the way things go!  We were able to secure a 3rd buyer who stuck it out with us but she required that the lawn to be mowed and a pile of large logs and wood in the back yard be removed prior to closing.

Mary and John had moved out already, so Jackson and I loaded up our lawnmower and chainsaw and headed over on a 92 degree day! We mowed the lawn, cut up the wood and loaded it in the back of my truck to be hauled away. I don’t know many real estate agents that will show up with a truck, lawn mower and chainsaw to help their clients! 

We are here to help with more than selling real estate.


We do whatever is takes to get the job done!