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We Are So Thankful

What a challenge 2022 has been! It seems as though we’ve spent our year on a roller coaster, speeding along, with highs, gut dropping lows, and some crazy corners along the way.

On the personal side, our family has had to weather several storms. After being so diligent for two years, we were finally hit by covid. Our daughter Gabby who is living in Washington DC came down with it first. She had a rough couple of weeks and did have a complete recovery, but it was terrible as parents to have her 480 miles away and so sick. Then Melissa and I both came down with covid in early October. My case was very mild, and I was feeling better within just a few days, but Melissa was down for over two weeks and is only now getting back to normal energy levels.

This fall, Jackson suffered a severe eye injury during a college soccer game in New York. We were thankful to be there when it happened, but I was very scary! He was taken off the field in an ambulance and completely lost eyesight for a while. His vision slowly returned and after two months of treatment and doctor follow ups, his eye has healed, and his vision has returned to normal. We are so thankful!

Going through these challenges does make me reflect on how truly lucky we are and how thankful I am to have a healthy family. We have many friends that have dealt with much more trying adversity and our hearts go out to them.

Our professional year has been the same amusement park ride with sometimes unpredictable highs and lows, and some very busy periods but a slower year overall. We are very thankful for all those that we have been able to help. The real estate market has been a challenge with continued low inventory, rising interested rates and a stressed economy overall. We’ve been in this business for 26 plus years though and have seen every cycle of the market during that period. We will return to better times, and I look forward to helping in any way we can. Maine is the state we love. Melissa and I are fortunate to have grown up here, raised our own kids here and to help so many other families of all types settle and make a home here too and we are so thankful for that.

We hope you enjoy a special holiday season with your families this year and we wish you health and happiness!

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