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Time For An Update!

If you have lived in your home for a few years like we have, it is time for an update.

Melissa and I bought our South Portland home in 1998 for $161,000! Working in real estate, I do a market analysis on our home every year just to determine out how much our value and equity has gone up—I want to know!    


I am offering you a FREE market analysis and you don’t need to be selling—this is just for your information. You check your bank account balances on a regular basis—why not check your home’s value too?

I’ve made space in my schedule for 5 update analysis each week. I’d enjoy crunching the data for you and there is absolutely no obligation on your part. Call, text or email me to book your spot! I’ll just be looking for a brief description of your home’s finishes and condition on the interior to help determine your value and then I can get to work for you!

Wouldn’t you like to know the value of your home and how much equity you have gained since you bought it? With the crazy market we’ve had over the last couple of years you may be in for a big surprise! Contact me today at 207-329-2915 or use the contact form to the left with “Update” as the subject line. I look forward to talking with you soon!

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