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I’m Very Competative

I have always been very competitive. I was as a young boy and still am today. The things I’m competitive about and how I measure them has changed a lot over my 25 years in real estate though. 

I started my real estate career working for a big franchise company and they had a monthly contest which was right up my alley. There was a wall-sized board on the breakroom wall and all the agent’s names were listed there along with the number of appointments they went on, and the number of listings and sales they had. I HAD to have my name at the top of that list! I knew if it was near the top, I was doing well and I did keep my name up there for 3 years!

Over time that has all evolved. I still track all the numbers but now it’s about service and what I can do to help people. Sometimes that is helping them buy and/or sell a home or condo but I’ve found other ways to help people that really matter too.

I had clients and friends who were planning a trip to Hawaii for their upcoming anniversary. They were saying they wished they knew someone from there who could give them advice. Of course, I knew the perfect person for the job – she lives in Hawaii half the year! I was able to connect them, they had a great meeting and went over all the perfect Hawaiian adventures to make their celebration extra special.  I was so excited to be able to get them together!

My buyer clients recently put a home under contract, and I gave them the names of two local lenders to talk with about getting a loan. At the time, they were quoted an interest rate of 5.6% and I encouraged them to also check out a few national lenders. They were able to get a better rate, but they really wanted to work with someone local. I encouraged them to go back to the local lenders to see if they would “match” the lower rate and they did! Well, then the national lender didn’t want to lose the business and brought their interest rate down too and this went back and forth several times. My buyer’s final interest rate at closing was 4.6% and over the life of their loan they will save a bit more than $100,000!  They were so excited, and I was too!

Michael was helping his aunt sell her home and interviewed me along with two other agents.  During our meeting he asked, “Do you know anyone that can help us move just the bigger items from the house here in Portland down to Saco?”  I smiled and told him that our company has a large, enclosed trailer he could borrow, and Melissa and I would lend a hand for the move. He hired us to sell the house and just before closing we went over and helped Michael and his son load the trailer up to the ceiling with his aunt’s belongings and then unloaded it in Saco. He was so relieved to have the help.

Pat called me one day looking for a referral to a handyman that did small jobs- she needed someone to take the leaves out of the gutters on her garage. She had called a few people, but no one would call her back. I asked if she had a ladder – which she did, and I went over to give her a hand. She held onto the ladder as I scooped out the leaves and I was done in about 15 minutes. She so appreciated the help!  

While I am still very competitive and I do track all my sales numbers, I also keep a tally of all the people I’ve been able to help with something small or big. I’ve learned it really is so much more rewarding!

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